Comments on NBC’s report on the murder of London McCabe

I read and summarized these comments, so you don’t have to. I did this because humor has become one of my default responses in these sorts of situations. (I’ve even made jokes while evacuating buildings.)

3 comment types that have been excluded from this summary due to overly high prevalence: “Walk in the perpetrator’s shoes, having an autistic child is so haaaard,” “Murder is wrong, don’t murder autistic people, poor kid,” and all replies to comments.

  • Autistic kids are 0.5 of a life. (I think this illustrates why the disability/quality-adjusted life year is a bad idea in practice.)
  • This woman is a total scumbag for [description of crimes as phrased using feminist/social justice rhetoric], so feminists shouldn’t defend her just because she’s female. (I’ll be sure to tell all the feminists out there defending this woman, who *definitely* exist and are not fake, that they are hypocrites at the next Global Feminist Conspiracy meeting.)
  • I will mock the murder victim in an anti-Republican political joke. How could this possibly make Democrats look bad in any way?
  • Somehow, the perpetrator being fat caused this problem, because fat is somehow magically the root of all evil.
  • I will defend the honor of a victim of a mental-disability motivated hate crime by claiming the mother is mentally ill, because I am not at all hypocritical!
  • I predict that the perpetrator will go free, because the justice system is biased against men. This proves my argument that the justice system is biased against men.
  • I will use this to advocate for my not-particularly-related antiwar opinions, even though it’s hard to actually draw any connections between war and ableist hate crimes, while at least using polite phrasing.
  • People show support for this murderer because they are misandrist, and not because they are ableist.
  • She should have killed an adult male, because then she would have gotten away with it, because misandry.
  • Everyone accused of a crime should be killed even before a trial, because otherwise the government has to pay for basic needs of alleged criminals, like food, shelter, and public defenders. Zero tolerance for violent crime! Also, the perpetrator is fat.
  • The perpetrator will walk free, because liberals are terrible people.
  • It’s her fault, she didn’t use a (seemingly yet-to-be-invented) prenatal test for autism and then abort.
  • [sarcastic conservative] If it’s okay to abort a fetus, why not murder a 6-year-old?

Comments made before the child’s diagnostic status became clear:

  • Brutally murder her for her brutal murder of her child, because vengeance and justice are one and the same.