Autism: the New A-Bomb?

Combining the positions of anti-autism authors, I am apparently a nuclear fission bomb. Salon writer Marie Myung-Ok Lee states that autism is “a public health emergency, no less deadly and devastating than Ebola.”

NBC quotes autistic professor Stephen M. Shore as saying that he “was hit with the autism bomb at 18 months old.”

Finally, NBC web commenter I’m stil [sic] drunk at 6 am!!!!! claims that an autistic child was the cause of a spousal murder-suicide, and then asks “why take two lives when you could have just taken .5?”

If we treat these statements as fact, they indicate that autism is deadly and devastating, a bomb, and has a half-life.

I think that the conclusion is clear: autism is a nuclear bomb. Clearly, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network should take advantage of this, as well as their autistic-run DC location, during the next public policy debate.


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